Bach Flower Aspen: When the soul fears the unknown

By Manuela Ball-Camurdan – BFRP

Fear comes in many forms… but when the soul fears the unknown we feel an impeding danger roaming our being.

Some fears are irrational, others unknown, vague and unexplainable that hunts of day or night. At times we fear something we know, but we do not know its cause. The point is that we cannot pinpoint why we are indeed fearful. Dr. Edward Bach wrote indeed that “sufferers often are afraid to tell their trouble to others”, perhaps because is hard to confess that we are terrified of something which cause is plainly unclear to us. This is the negative emotional state of ASPEN.

This translates, among others, in deep apprehension nightmares, creepy sensations, constant agitation, or sudden panic attacks. It can also be a strong fear of the dark or invisible forces, perceiving “bad vibes” or even fright of prophecies. At times, the atmosphere can be unbearable to us in certain places.

Children in particular are more susceptible to these kinds of experiences. They often have nightmares and are fearful of the dark and monsters under the bed or closet, for which Bach remedy Aspen can prove very helpful. They feel calmer and secure.

Aspen: Bach flower remedy for unknown and irrational fears

Positive effects of Aspen

The positive effects of Aspen is reassurance, courage, calmness and a sense of being protected, a renewed feeling of trust in the Divine. Supported by this flower you will understand that your sensitivity and perception, when learning to use it with balance and confidence, is a beautiful and powerful ability that will also bring light to others. “You are able to enter into more subtle planes of consciousness and gain a deeper understanding of complex phenomena”, wrote author Mechthild Scheffer, international authority in the field of the original Bach flower therapy.

Possible causes of Aspen state

Aspen’s negative state may be caused by extreme sensitivity to our surroundings or other planes of existence, unconscious in-uterus memories, subconscious past lives recollections or ancestral influences. In other words, a profound spiritual sensitivity to other levels of consciousness that our Spirit cannot yet process or are not fully understood. It is called the Psychic Flower for a reason, and Aspen people sure have the ability to unconsciously register everything around them; as a human radar of visible and imperceptible energies in their environment.

Differences between Aspen and other Bach remedies

Dr. Edward Bach categorized the remedies in similar emotional groups. The fear category is one of the 7 groups, composed by Aspen, Mimulus, Rock Rose, Cherry Plum, and Red Chestnut.  Although there might be some resemblances among them, there are clear distinctions and subtleties, all of which is crucial when selecting the remedy according these challenging or “negative” emotional symptoms.

Aspen: unknown, inexplicable and secret fears.  

Mimulus: specific fears or situations such as flying by plane, a doctor’s visit or illness.

Rock Rose: terror and inner panic of a paralyzing nature that is felt all over the body.

Cherry Plum: fear of losing our mind or becoming aggressive.

Red Chestnut: constant fear and worry for family members or friends.

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