About Us

I am a qualified Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner (BFRP) accredited from the Bach Centre Foundation in England, providing Bach flower services in the Tampa Bay area, all 50 states in the United States, as well as worldwide.

In addition to preparing personalized Bach Flowers Custom Blends, I offer virtual Bach Flowers consultation services. I also design Bach flower posters, and impart  informational/educational  workshops about Dr. Edward Bach’s method to raise awareness of this amazing holistic healing system.

My goal, as a Bach Flower Practitioner is to invite you to look within. My intent is to accompany you with the outmost respect and compassion throughout a quest for self-discovery that ultimately leads to self-acknowledgement and self-acceptance.

We do this by understanding what is happening in your life, what emotions are manifesting, and why you feel the way you do.
Then, we select together the best Bach remedies that will support your journey. Afterwards, I prepare your Bach Flower Personalized Blend and your start feeling the positive effects of these powerful yet gentle flower essences: a natural and simple method created by Dr. Edward Bach over 85 years ago for us to heal ourselves and feeling that blissful stillness within.


Whether you want to schedule a consultation, or simply have questions on how to select the remedies for your custom-made blends, I am always here to help you!

Contact me directly on WhatsApp, visit my Etsy Store or email at manuela.bachflowers@gmail.com

“The action of these remedies is to raise our vibrations and open up our channels for the reception of our Spiritual Self, to flood our natures with the particular virtue we need, and wash out from us the fault which is causing harm. They are able, like beautiful music, or any gloriously uplifting thing which gives us inspiration, to raise our very natures, and bring us nearer to our Souls: and by that very act, to bring us peace, and relieve our sufferings.”  Dr. Edward Bach

A Little Bit About My Shop

When preparing a Bach flower blend, it is not a mechanical process; so much goes into it. I prepare the room I designate for the handmade blending. There is a sacred world that unfolds to honor you. I take a moment to meditate and center. All is cleaned, natural and sanitized. I use a white tablecloth on the table, as a reminder of how pure and perfect I wish to prepare the formula.

I prepare your personal mix with pure spring water, candles, the aroma of exquisite essential oils, healing crystals to energize the water used, sound therapy, symbols of love and kindness, affirmations, and Reiki to harmonize the blend. It takes at least 1 hour of preparation; every single detail, materials, and preparing the shipping to mail your personalized blend. Every picture, label, design, package, text, detail and all content of the package I produce is my very own creation, specially made for you with the utmost care, integrity, and professionalism.

May you be happy and at peace,

May you know that all is perfectly connected, and we are a sacred Unity.

Rays of love,



I love my Bach Flowers! My husband, me and our daughter, we all use our special mix of beautiful flowers. Thank you very much to Manuela for the best consultation and making the best mix for us. Thanks so much!

Sebnem (Etsy)

She is so nice and she helped me to choose the flower blend that’s better for me so I feel so guided. I received my bottle and started to feel better, more calm, more at peace.

Nancy (Etsy)

I was so happy with my personalized Bach Flowers. The quality, the description, and even went beyond with my blend printed in a list. They even offered me help with my flowers. I recommend it 100%.

Liz (Etsy)