Bach Flower Oak: Strength and Endurance

By Manuela Ball-Camurdan

I pause… and I endure.

When your resilience becomes exhaustion, Bach Flower remedy Oak is the suggested remedy for strength and endurance.

Our deep sense of duty and responsibility is our never-ending drive. We go and go; we are unstoppable, despite ourselves and our needs. We will get it done, no matter what, never surrendering, never complaining. Just like a beautiful and old Oak tree, we are reliable, always providing shade, nourishment and life for so many creatures that are under our care.

Nevertheless, when we are in a “negative” OAK state, these qualities and virtues might bring us to a breaking point: this constant self-imposed high performance and devotion to duty will slowly but surely wear and tear our being – like branches drying off or collapsing on the ground. Although we will bravely never give up, this inability to stop and refresh our existence by the loss of flexibility will cause a deep exhaustion and growing despondency within.

The scars might come from our tribe, where achievement was an expectation and taken for granted, but little was done to recognize our efforts and talents. Or perhaps the recognition was only given when victory was attained or failures were ground for disapproval.

Bach Flower Oak: You keep going despite the exhaustion

Bach Flower Oak, will bring balance to fulfill our commitments with necessary interludes of pause, silence and solitude. We start listening to our inner guidance by allowing ourselves to relax while understanding our own limits. We courageously persevere, endure and resist but knowing when it is enough or time to rest. We remain strong and continue to be reliable but not at the expense of our health and happiness.

Hence, we start mastering life, allowing the journey through life to be more pleasant. Then once reenergized and our endurance is restored, this Bach remedy Oak helps us to keep growing, with joy, equilibrium and wisdom.

Rays of love and light,

Manuela Ball-Camurdan

Bach Flower Practitioner – BFRP

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