Bach flower therapy is a unique and comprehensive healing system for emotional balance. While there are some similarities, Bach flower remedies and essential oils are two completely different categories. Each modality has specific healing properties, techniques, preparation, and separate application instructions.

The main difference between them is that Bach flower essences’ healing properties are utilized essentially for emotional wellness per se; addressing mood, mental, behavioral and personality challenges when emotional imbalances are present. Often used in aromatherapy, essential oils offer great medicinal benefits to support health and wellbeing, like stress and physical relief.

The 38 Bach remedies are unscented and water-based, made only with non-toxic wildflowers. Essential oils are oil-based, also prepared from natural sources but using a variety of the plants materials— plants, flowers, fruits, seeds, bark, roots—, producing high fragrances.

Both modalities’ preparation method is quite distinctive. Flower essences are liquid extracts made only with spring water and brandy or glycerin (as a preservative), using the sun or boiling method to extract its medicinal properties. Essential oils are derived by distillation, steam or mechanical methods, like cold pressing. Its ingredients include oil, alcohol, and complex organic compounds.

Due to its highly concentrated nature, essential oils are highly potent chemical compounds typically applied externally via topical application—most brands should not be ingested—, requiring dilution via an oil carrier or inhaled with diffusers. Bach flowers remedies are mainly taken orally, directly from the glass eye dropper or spray on your tongue (or in a glass of water). As a sub-category of homeopathy, they are highly diluted without risks of adverse effects, which makes them safe for all ages, animals and plants.

I hope this helps to clarify the differences between these two wonderful holistic healing modalities which sources are true gifts from Mother nature.

By Manuela Ball-Camurdan / BFRP

Differences between Bach Flowers and Essential Oils

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