Do Bach Flowers actually work?

Bach flowers essences have been used for over 85 years, by millions of people worldwide, Including elders, adults, children, pregnancy, animals and plants!

But first, what in fact are Bach flowers?

Bach flowers were discovered by Dr. Edward Bach in the 1930’s –British doctor, surgeon, pathologist and homeopath—after decades of industrious scientific experimentation. Flower essence healing is a unique form of subtle energetic therapy in the form of liquid extracts from 38 non-toxic flowers for treating emotional and/or mental imbalances, which directly affect our physical bodies causing potential diseases. Dr. Bach is doubtlessly considered as the pioneer of flower essences therapies upon which all subsequent flower therapies have laid their foundations. 

The healing properties of flowers essences work through the life force energy or vibrational frequency that is transmitted from the flowers to the tincture, balancing the emotional and energetic bodies. Dr. Bach’s healing system focuses on the individual as a whole and the emotional and spiritual root cause of unhappiness and illnesses –not the disease and its symptoms— offering an all-natural, non-toxic, plant-based modality of vibrational medicines. 

Each of the remedies is utilized for a specific emotion, chosen according to the “negative” emotional symptom experienced. For example, when we experience feelings of guilt or assuming responsibility for mistakes out of our control or made by others, the Bach flower indicated is Pine. By administering this remedy the emotion of guilt subsides; we regain a sense of worth and self-respect, by accepting our faults without judgment, refraining from constantly blaming ourselves too harshly or dwelling on our errors. In other words, we are freed from the burden of guilt and our peace is restored.

“To find the herb that will help us we must find the object of our life, what we are striving to do, and also understand the difficulties in our path. the difficulties we call faults or failings, but let us not mind these faults and failings, because they are the very proof to us that we are attaining bigger things.”

Dr. Edward Bach
Gorse tree / Bach Flower Gorse: for feelings of hopelessness

Do Bach Flowers work?

Yes, they do. They are powerful yet gentle remedies for emotional wellness. Their healing properties is well-known by millions of users worldwide for over 85 years. Their efficacy will be optimal when you consider the following factors:

  • You choose the right remedy. Each remedy has a distinctive property according to our emotional symptoms. However, there are subtleties and differences among them that must be considered when selecting them. This is why is it useful to consult with a Bach practitioner who can help you selecting them.
  • You identify your feelings with accuracy. What do I feel and why do I feel this way? What is truly causing these feelings? Since when? Are they short-term or long-term emotional disturbances that prevent me from enjoying life, good health, and wellbeing?
  • If you mix no more than 7 Bach remedies at the time when preparing a custom blend. Per Edward Bach’s researches, Bach flowers lose its potency and will be less effective when blending too many remedies at the time.
  • They work if you work it! If you take them by applying the recommended usage, you will see and feel the difference: 2 drops on the tongue or in a glass of water until needed. If you are taking a personalized blend, the minimum dosage for them to be effective is 4 drops, at LEAST 4 times a day.
  • You pay attention to your progress. For that, it is important to practice self-evaluation of our emotional state. This means, paying close attention to your feelings and thoughts, the intensity and frequency of the emotions that you are addressing when using the Bach remedy.
  • Knowing your selected remedies. It is equally important to know exactly which remedies are mixed in your custom blend, as well as its positive effects so you can accurately measure your own improvements. For instance, if you are taking Bach remedy Mimulus, indicated for specific fears, ask yourself: Am I feeling less fearful, more courageous or a greater degree of calmness and security lately? If the answer is yes, or less, then it is working.
  • Temporary vs. Long-lasting emotional states. When we are working on temporary emotional disturbances, you might notice immediate results. When treating long-term, traumatic emotional imbalances or deep-rooted personality challenges, you might need to take them for prolonged periods of time or until the symptoms you are addressing diminish.
  • You use them for emotional wellness. Bach remedies are no indicated to treat physical symptoms per se. Bach flower essences target emotional imbalances by acting on your emotional and energetic bodies as subtle energies. Nonetheless, when stress or strong emotional responses are reduced, our immune system strengthens and your body’s natural ability to heal is reactivated. Although several innovative Bach flower therapies are now available that offer treatment by topical application by mapping different areas of the body, as proposed by German researchers Dietmar Kramer and Helmut Wild, Edward Bach’s traditional healing method is mainly applied through oral tinctures and by considering our emotional and mental states for the appropriate selection of the remedies.
  • Bearing in mind that they are complementary medicines, not substitutes for any medical conditions or mental therapeutic treatments. Bach flowers are not categorized as alternative medicines; they offer emotional support during illnesses and reducing distress caused by it or due to life circumstances.
  • You give them a fair chance. In other words, you ought to be open and willing to take them to allow their full potential to unfold. Being receptive to the idea of their healing properties, will bring maximum positive results.

Rays of love and light,

Manuela Ball-Camurdan / BFRP

(Images Source: courtesy of the Bach Centre, England)

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