Vulnerability  is not weakness. It is a risk, a feeling of fear that we decide to face; it is exposing ourselves just as we are. It is the courage to be ourselves, to do what we wish, to say exactly what and how we feel, regardless of others, their opinion, and their harsh criticism. THAT is true courage. It is defying this cultural lie of “all is well”, these meaningless interactions that die in the surface, and with it, the possibility of true intimacy, and therefore the change of attaining collective fulfillment. It is the epic realization that the more we hide, the more we fake it, the more we disconnect ourselves.

We all fear rejection, failure, uncertainty, being ashamed, not fitting in, being hurt and betrayed… Well, life is played by living with those risks or we will never know what true love, true success, true satisfaction is. We might be hurt, and we will be criticized over and over, but we jump toward the other cliff knowing that being who we are not, it a price too high to pay.

Vulnerability, however, comes with wisdom and boundaries: not everyone deserves to hear your story, not everyone is ready for it, and not everyone will have the capacity to understand it. So, we choose wisely and timely. Hence, we step forward and speak up, knowing that some will like it, and some won’t. And that is fine. We step out of comfort zone, and we play our game courageously and genuinely, no matter what.

When we manifest who we really are, and stop this global cultural show of hypocrisy and isolation. When we relinquish the desire to fit in, we honor ourselves, and by doing so, I can finally BELONG, to myself, to my kind, to the ones that share my soul language, to perhaps the few ones that value who we really are. That is all we shall need.



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