EMOTIONS: Sit with It

By Manuela Ball-Camurdan

It is not the absence of emotions what brings us peace and contentment, but the graceful art of balancing them. 

Our emotions are feelings, sensations, natural responses. They are in essence, necessary pieces of data from our inner being to our circumstances, people, situations, places, likes and dislikes. They are indeed real indicators of wellbeing or unhappiness that allow us to measure how we really feel and how we perceive ourselves and the world. Some come from the EGO (Edging God out) but many come from our beautiful SOUL. They “move” us, they make us human, and therefore it is not the absence of emotions what brings us peace and contentment but the graceful art of balancing them, which in turn restores our happiness and health.

We are energy and emotions are energy in motion; each vibrate at a particular frequency, high (love) or low (bitterness). So when you feel an emotion, your emotional body it is vibrating at a specific rate. Each of the 38 Bach Flower remedies have a specific vibrational pattern which matches the frequency of an emotion, acting as a liquid energy that harmonizes the so-called negative emotion. So, when for example you take the Bach remedy Willow, the resentment subsides, and it is replaced by forgiveness (and sometimes even humor!).

Whatever you feel is VALID; let the emotion speak to you without judgement: let it be and be as you are: a spiritual being living a human experience. The more you hide it, the more you suppressed, the heavier it gets… and as a wise book says: “Feelings buried alive never die”. The only way towards emotional freedom is through love a compassion. I always remember these words every time I want to heal something in my journey: the only way out into the light is through darkness. Just say: “I hear you, I see you”, and you will be amazed what it tells you. Only then can you find the WHY.

So when you feel an emotion, breathe, sit with it, feel it, identify it, embrace it, let it pass and let it go… and if you can’t, then it is telling you something: I need a hand, I need balance, and that is exactly what Bach flowers are about: vibrational medicines, pure and natural flower essences that are true keys of harmony for our soul.

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